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Pastor b.Side goes back to the vaults for this one! This mix was done for one of the old Proper Knowledge Meditation Mixtapes, and features an AWESOME Bible study on grace, delivered by good ol' "Papa" Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel Churches. If you looking for some hard-hitting grooves, with some hard-hitting truth over the top, you're welcome!

My Story

Before being a Bible teacher, I was a music professional. I was a club and rave DJ. I was a music producer and beat maker. I was a music curators. Since saving me by His grace, the LORD has shown me how to use this creative skill set for better, spiritually-edifying purposes. Most of my music feeds into the evangelistic outreach part of my ministry work through "The Bread & Beats Music" page. This is where the ministry focus is to encourage the church, and reach out to the lost, on common ground - electronic music. 

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