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Coaching up Christian men... Biblically


Getting To Know God

Thru The Psalms with Pastor b.Side

We go verse-by-verse through God's creative expression of Himself in the Book of Psalms: The songs, poems, and celebrations of God's true character, purposes, and promises. 

Episode 12: Handling Authority

If you’ve been wondering what your purpose is for your life, you don’t want to miss this episode. In this final episode of Season 1 of the “Getting To Know God – Thru The Psalms” podcast, we’re exploring the depths of Psalm 8:5-9 to answer some of life’s most mysterious questions like: What are we doing here? What is your purpose? How can you find peace and contentment in life? The world offers lots of suggestions. The Bible is the only source that offers truth. Get ready for a healthy change of perspective! 

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Continuous DJ Mixes in the electronic music genres. Some of them are laced with scripture. Good background music to keep your mind right!

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