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Feed Me! Photos That Illustrate God's Faithfulness

As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me.” – John 6:57

The other day while I was praying before a Bible study, the LORD opened up my mind to something that was absolutely incredible! It was as if the LORD was speaking through me in prayer, opening my eyes to a truth about His Word that was so simple, and yet so profound. As I listened to myself speak, I realized that the LORD was ALSO answering a prayer of mine, that I had been lifting up to Him for a couple of weeks up to that point. It was a pretty amazing moment. Here’s how it all went down…


Baby birds with open mouths in nest

A couple of months ago, this bird started building a nest right next to our front door in between the gutter and the wall. The mother bird was very active in the nest, so we knew there were eggs it. After a few weeks went by, we started to notice little beaks moving around. That week, we all became very interested in that part of the house, watching the mother bird swoop into the grass, bring up some bugs, and feed three tiny beaks bobbing their heads around in desperation. It was pretty cool to watch.


So, the day that I was praying before my Bible study, I had just poked my head out of the front door window to see the birds, and saw the mother bird feeing the baby birds again. When I started to pray, that was the image that was in my head. In my prayer, I found myself making comparisons to the birds, marveling at how the LORD feeds us through His Word. We were starting Psalm 148 that day. Psalm 148 is a psalm of praise that begins by honoring God for His creative power to make all things in heaven and earth. The psalm ends with a focus on His people, specifically, the children of Israel, and God’s purpose for them.

While praying, it hit me:


The Bible begins identifying God as the eternally self-existing and self-sustaining Creator and Controller of all things in heaven and earth. That’s a HUGE thought that the human brain just can’t fathom with any sort of clarity. Yet, when you read through the scriptures, the LORD organizes His revelation to gradually simplify that huge idea. He funnels things down from His eternal perspective, to focus on Earth, eventually to Israel, eventually to Jerusalem, eventually to Israel' King - Jesus the Messiah. All of the truths about God’s attributes and purposes, boiled down to a single man – Jesus Christ – God in flesh.  


It reminded me of how this mother bird was feeding her babies. At first, those babies could barely hold their heads up to the rim of the nest. So, the mother bird goes out into the world to bring nourishment to them, and because of the inability of those babies, essentially shoves the food into their mouths, making it simple for them to eat. That’s how they live. That’s how they grow. Without their mother instinctively bringing nourishment to them in a form that they can receive and digest, they die.


Three baby birds in a nest

That’s EXACTLY how our Father in heaven spiritually feeds us through His Word. On our own, we can’t do anything for ourselves. So, God took the form of flesh, to come into this world as the Bread of Life. God packaged His invisible attributes into a form that we could receive and digest. The infinite God supernaturally revealed Himself through His Word, and in the flesh as Jesus Christ, to provide nourishment to our desperate souls. These are the things that started coming out of my mouth in that prayer.


It was so encouraging, because that prayer and illustration, was also an answer to another prayer. I had been seeking the LORD for many weeks, asking Him for creative opportunities. My camera is my primary communication tool these days. It had been a while since I had any ideas AND opportunities to photograph anything. When I had ideas, I couldn’t shoot. When I had time to shoot, I didn’t have ideas. I felt like I was in a drought. It was really frustrating and I felt pretty worthless. I was praying to the LORD to give me the ideas and the opportunities to use my camera to fulfill those ideas. When I was praying about those birds, I realized the LORD had literally brought opportunity to my front door, and it was a compelling reminder about the LORD’s faithfulness towards us!


That’s why I got these shots. After our Bible study, I grabbed a ladder, a zoom lens, and posted up on my front lawn for about an hour, waiting. It was a pretty good arm workout, holding a 70-200mm lens on the top step of a ladder in the sun for that amount of time. These photos made it worth it all!

Mother bird protecting baby birds in nest


I wanted to share these images as a reminder to all of us as God’s people. To me, these photos are a great illustration of God's faithfulness.


In this illustration, it’s important to consider two things.

First: We’re like these baby birds. In John 15:5, Jesus plainly said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.” These birds sit in that nest all day with their mouths open wide in the air, hoping, expecting, trusting that their mother will bring food to put in their mouths, allowing them to live. These babies sit there with mouths open all day, essentially saying, "Feed me!" We should be like those birds. We should have our hearts focused on the LORD, hoping, expecting, trusting that He will nourish our souls through His Word. The anticipation should be frequent and constant. It should be understood that, unless the LORD nourishes us to this degree, we die. Our hearts should be pointing up like the mouths of these birds, like our lives depend on it – because they do.


Second: We should be thankful. Our heavenly Father knows what we need, and like this mother bird, is constantly and continuously working to make sure that we are nourished for the purpose of growth, to continue the cycle of eternal life. He is faithful, in spite of how pitiful we are. He feeds us in a way that we can receive His nourishment, digest it, grow, and function. Then, understanding that nourishment causes growth, we should be thankful to know that God’s nourishment to our souls, will strengthen our faith, and enable ability that only comes from Him.

Just when we think that we’re in a rut, or things are too quiet, we can trust that God will fill us up, to equip ability that brings glory to His name. Like with these birds, watching God do His thing, is a beautiful work of art. He is able. He is faithful. Praise God!



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