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The Bible-teaching ministry of Pastor Brandon "b.Side" Alvillar for Proper Knowledge Ministry

DJ Headphones

NEW EPISODE: The Bread & Beats Mixshow

Episode 40

Hip Hop Instrumentals, Deep House, and perspective about community & fellowship.

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Getting To Know God

Thru The Psalms with Pastor b.Side

You ain't never heard a Podcast like this! Fresh beats, and in-depth explanations of scripture. Here, we go verse-by-verse through God's creative expression of Himself in the Book of Psalms: The songs, poems, and celebrations of God's true character, purposes, and promises. 

Psalm 4: Trusting The LORD In Times Of Trouble

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Clean Music
Good News

Continuous DJ Mixes in the electronic music genres. Conversations about random stuff from a Christian and Biblical perspective. 

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