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Getting To Know God

Thru The Psalms

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Verse-by-verse through the Book of psalms. 

emphasizing God's nature, character, attributes, purposes and promises, to strengthen faith, wisdom, and boldness. 

The Company We Keep

Episode 24

Image by Helena Lopes

Psalm 16:3-6

It’s one thing to say that we trust in the LORD. It’s a whole other thing to actually do so, especially when times are tough. Where do we get the strength? In this episode of the Getting To Know God – Thru The Psalms Podcast, we’re looking at Psalm 16:3-6 to see how King David took simple and practical steps to grow in his faith, making sure that his testimony matched his words. Tune into this episode, titled “The Company We Keep,” to see how the people we surround ourselves with can either help, or hurt our faith.

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