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Image by Aaron Burden

Revival Is...

Repentance & Regeneration

The word "revival" is thrown around A LOT in church culture these days. Yet, that word is only found in the Bible one time, in Ezra Chapter 9, an only in the New King James Version of the Bible. Modern church culture makes this concept very confusing. It's common to hear about the "movement of the Spirit," and how "chains are being broken." The Bible explains that "revival" is a supernatural work of God that usually happens in response to really harsh judgments from God, because of sin. The Bible describes true revival as the stirring-up of hearts by God's Spirit, but in ways that cause very distinct, lasting effects. Scripture actually teaches that, in these last days, we can expect to see more defection and departure from God and His Word - not large crowds of people being blessed by God. It’s important we know what God’s real work looks like.

Revival is preservation of life – eternal life. It’s a work that only God can do, when people are born again by His Spirit, through faith in His Word, concerning the true and full testimony of Jesus Christ. Revival is the work of God to cause people to turn from sin and self-righteousness. Revival results in God’s people having a hunger and thirst for His righteousness through His Word. Revival is the expression of God's mercy; where He acknowledges our pursuit of forgiveness, regenerates our once-dead-souls, and equips us in a life where we are thankful to serve His eternal and spiritual purposes, no matter the cost or difficulty.

Here are some photos I've captured over the years that might help provide a better understanding of what real revival is. I wanted to use these photos to show that, real revival is happening in our communities and churches, but it might not look the way that a lot of churches/ministries are portraying. In these photos, I tried to isolate the subjects, to show how true revival begins with the individual. My hope was to capture moments that communicated the individual desire for God’s forgiveness, and gratitude for the work that Jesus has done to save us from sin, death, and hell, absent any major production or emotionally-stimulating environment.

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