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It’s generally understood by people who believe in the Bible, that God is good. However, the Bible is very specific to identify the reasons and ways that God manifests His goodness. The scriptures explain that God doesn’t just do “good” things, but that He is the source of all legitimate goodness. One of the chief ways that He illustrates and manifests His goodness is as “the LORD Our Shepherd.” This study we’ll examine God’s identity as the source of all goodness, especially eternal and spiritually-centered goodness. The scriptures teach that God reveals Himself as the Good Shepherd by also describing Himself as The Door, or the exclusive means by which anyone can access the goodness that only comes from Him, especially in eternal life. The manner in which God reveals His goodness is ALWAYS on the platter of mercy, which was ultimately manifested through His own suffering on the cross.

Jehovah Ra`ah - The Door To Mercy & Goodness

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