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What is love? In a culture that so loosely uses the word, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint what love really is. Love has become a term that can be subjective in definition. Was this God's intent? While the Bible teaches that "God is love" our understanding of what love is, is imperative to our understanding of who God is as well as our ability to be "lovers." "The Truth of Love" is a comprehensive deep dive into how God uses the word "love" in the Bible. Examining the usage of the original language and context, this book aims to satisfy a proper and truthful definition of love using only the Holy Bible as a reference. While secular society focuses on love from a family or personal relationship perspective, this book will provide a clear understanding of the type of love God is interested in. Knowing the truth of love will allow you to understand the truth about God and will allow you to be a better lover. So then, does your definition of love match God's definition of love found in the Bible?

The Truth Of LOVE

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